Saturday, November 29, 2014

isolation Mode

Last week's ER adventure was not over.  After the weekend, I noticed some rashes in my skin.  I was a bit afraid as I thought it was chicken pox.  I decided to visit the clinic and I was advised to consult a specialist but their initial diagnosis was it's something viral.  I went to Makati Med but they have no doctors that day so I decided to directly go to Medical plaza where the specialist confirmed that it was a viral infection and that I need to Isolate myself until Wednesday to ensure no one gers the same virus in the office.

My manager told me to get the week off and rest.  But as hard headed as I was I still worked while at home.  Good thing no one was there with me in the condo so i was really isolated.  My brother delivered some food for me and fruits which helped in my recovery.

Tomorrow is a new day, back to the office, :)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pacquiao vs Algieri

I availed of the PPV of skycable and invited my brothers over our condo to watch the fight with me since Earl is in Dubai.
Of course, Manny won! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2014


The last time I had to go to a hospital was when I was in highschool.  Yesterday, I needed to.... my fever was up at 38.8 and never went down since thursday, my head was really killing me it was very hard to keep my eyes opened.  Good thing my brother accompanied me to Makati Med.... i was not admitted (thank God) but they needed to give me meds directly in my nerves 

Yes that was my hand right there... results? Bad viral infection + tension headache

Saturday, November 1, 2014

my travel buddies for this week

Here are my travel buddies in Hyderabad

Quite busy finishing their slides 😊

1st week in Hyderabad

We flew to Hyderabad, India last Tuesday (October 28, 2014) as part of the preparation for the client visit the following week. I was really hesitant to go given the circumstances but we had NO choice.

I was really afraid of getting sick as I did the last time that I went here (2012).  Unfortunately, it did happen yesterday.  I kept on vomitting and my head was killing me. ���� I really am sensitive to the food and environment here.

Today eventhough it's a weekend, me and my team prepared for the client visit.  We had to wait for more than 2 hours just to find a decent fastfood which delivers in our hotel.  Out of all that we've called, only Dominos pizza delivers.

By the way, today is my 10th year in Accenture.  What a way to celebrate it! ����

Anyways, tomorrow is another day.  Goodluck to us.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Loooong Day...

Jet Lag as per google means "Extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long flight across several time zones."

It's pretty hard keeping myself awake... I hope I can survive this day... hehe...

Visiting Den Haag

This is not the first time that I was required to go to the Netherlands to attend a workshop.  I can say my trip this time of the year is quite lonelier than before.  Why?
  • the trip I had last year was full of excitement,  I was nervous but very excited.  I was sent to attend the workshop as part of the transition activities for our client.   It was really a good experience meeting most of the people that I was working with in person and actually experiencing their day to day life (even for only a week),
  • the trip this year... is uncertain.  It is the same workshop.  However, I don't feel as much support as I got compared to last year.  Honestly, I feel like I'm going to a war all alone with one 45 mm gun. 
It was nice going back here.  At least I was allowed to choose the flight via Singapore which gave me a chance to enjoy a day with my brother's family before I went here. 

It was really nice to spend the time with Jay, Ia and Sashi... my family outside of Manila :) We ate and played with Sashi... talked about little things in life.. and it was nice to catch up with what's happening.  I'm excited to see them again on Sunday.  :)

My flight from Singapore to Amsterdam took around 14 hours (left SG at 12:00MN arrived Netherlands at 2:00PM).  Surprisingly, I was able to sleep better than last year. 

As I am travelling alone, it gave me time to think about what's going on with my life, the choices that I took, the opportunities I let pass me by, the burden that I seem to be holding within me.